9 March 2017 at 7pm
in Rossotrudnichestvo

Experience «The Music of the Soul», the compositions and improvisations of Paris-based pianist Renara Akhoundova on the evening of Thursday, March 9th

Born in Baku and living in Paris for over twenty years, pianist and composer Renara Akhoundova is an elite artist with a special gift for improvisation. The musician first came to the piano at the age of three, attended the conservatory for gifted children, and won her first competition at the national level at the age of eight. Later, after some years in Paris, Renara dedicated herself to playing only her own compositions and improvisations. From 2004 she has recorded over 100 original compositions and studio improvisations and performed her works in venues from Europe to Asia to North America.

Renara’s music has been called «The Music of the Soul» as it defies classification in the traditional sense of genre and style, and is inspired by the varied and multicultural personal experience of the artist herself. Each piece is a prayer, a reflection, a story, and an invitation to the listener to join their own unique story to the emotions expressed in the melody.

«Renara’s music invites us to connect to our inner journey. It speaks to our own stories and invites us to travel through our diverse and deep emotions. It is peaceful and passionate, just as life becomes when we are fully alive. Her concerts are always wonderful opportunities to create and share a deep human connection”

Mark Milton, Founder, Education 4 Peace

“Music from Renara’s hands radiates innate passion and sustained joy. Its delight is immediate, heartfelt, palpable and manifest and is an extension of her being. Renara’s compositions are cumulative in terms of wisdom, experience, knowledge and life. The miracle is Renara can translate this through her compositions for each of her listeners to enjoy, consider, embrace and, if we allow it, to gain much from and in doing so learn much about ourselves. For me, as a visual artist, Renara’s playing is a palette of colours that brings music into visible form. I find this crystalline and inspirational. “

Edward Twohig; Practicing Printmaker represented at Eames Fine Art, London & Q Gallery, Baku; Trustee at Bankside Gallery; Member of Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers Council & Director & Keeper of Art at Wellington College.


Ренара Ахундова (фортепиано): „Art is Truth“

9 марта 2017 года в 19 часов
в Россотрудничестве

Фортепианный концерт Ренары Ахундовой „Art is Truth“. В программе прозвучат авторские сочинения и импровизации.